Animals Enjoy Their Stay

Our facilities offer clean, fresh and safe boarding for any pet. Dogs are exercised twice a day. Our feline friends enjoy a “Kitty Condo,” secluded from our dogs. We can also accommodate any pocket pets, birds, or other critters needing attention while you are away!

Hospitalization is necessary for some circumstances, be the animal large or small. Our hospitalization accommodations are able to provide necessary lifesaving medicine and surgery to save your pet, horse, or livestock.

Commitment to Our Community

We are joyfully committed to providing excellent veterinary care while delivering a personal and empathetic customer service experience. While patient care is our passion, we recognize that God has given us a much greater calling to impact the lives of those in our community with Christ’s love; through compassionate care and donations of our services, bibles and educational literature.


We accept payment via cash, check, MasterCard,  Visa, and Discover. So that we can continue to provide you high-quality service utilizing the best medical technologies, payment is required at the time services are rendered.

Many emergency services are unplanned and unexpected. Many of our customers haven't always had the funding to adequately treat their pet. Because of this burden, we are proud to announce that we now offer Care Credit. This is a line of credit available to those who qualify, breaking hospital charges down to an affordable and customizable payment plan. The quick and painless application process will tell you in as little as 10 minutes if you qualify for this program.

We provide estimates for all surgeries and hospitalizations. If you have not received an estimate, you are welcome to request one at any time for your expected charges.


We offer discounted services to local area rescue groups. Pre-approval is required to qualify for the rescue group discounts, please call us for more information. We also support local organizations by running specials & discounts through those particular agencies, contact us to learn more about the organizations that participate in our specials.

Corporate Team


Dr. Michael A Peters

Owner, Senior Veterinarian

Dr. Peters is a 2007 graduate of the University of Missouri Veterinary Medical College, with a Bachelor degree in Animal Science. He was a young boy when his parents moved to Marshfield, Missouri to settle down on a horse farm and raise their son in a country lifestyle.  His love for horses developed through his youth as he worked with the horses in training, showing and riding, 

Dr. Mike worked his way through high school at the local feed store before a friend encouraged him to apply for a job at Animal Medical Center. From then on you could always find him there working and learning. The doctors were pivotal in mentoring the young "Petey" in the direction of excellent veterinary medicine.

After graduating as a DVM, and several interviews all over the state, he worked moved back to his hometown and settled down as an associate with Marshfield Veterinary Clinic for 2 years practicing on large and small animals. After marriage, his new young family desired a change, and Animal Clinic of Ava was created!

Dr. Peters now has two children, Chasetyn & Isabella with his wife, Kayla. When he's not working hard, you can find Dr. Peters relaxing on a pontoon, camping around Dora or floating on the river. He can do an amazing "Canadian goose call," ask him about it!


Kayla Peters

Owner, Director

In the first few years of business you would be greeted by Kayla and their young son, Chasetyn, (Bub); who would answer your questions, answer the phone, and assist “Dad” when needed. Mrs. Peters now is busy keeping up with managing the growth mostly from behind the scenes using computer remoting, skype meetings, apps, and new technology to aid in running and operating.

Kayla is a certified pet trainer, receiving her certification through Top Tier Training Academy in 2017, and loves to apply her skills to their small Belgian Malinois pack. Animal behavior and psychology are areas of interest to her and Dr. Peters, and they both love to share the benefits of a balanced training program to everyone who is interested to hear.

She moved to the Ava area as a child and enjoys their rural lifestyle. A self-proclaimed "Homesteader Hippie," she aspires to raise meat goats if Dr. Peters will ever be persuaded! She enjoys sewing, camping, and floating on the river with on a hot Missouri day with a cold concoction. Her mama is her best friend and inspiration for her biblical wisdom and commitment to God’s word. "My God, Yahweh has blessed us from the start. We have only Him to thank for taking a couple of kids and creating something grand and beautiful with them," she says.


Catherine Fitzpatrick

Human Resources

Miss Catherine joined Animal Clinic of Ava in 2011; as one of our friendly, up-front faces. Today she takes care of Accounts Payable, manages our accounting, and manages the payroll. She holds an Associate degree in Business and has raised dogs for nearly a decade before coming on board with us. Born in Louisiana, her family then moved to Wenatchee, Washington, where she was raised. She moved to Missouri as an adult with her husband and three young children and fell in love with the Ozarks.

Catherine keeps current on Middle-East political issues and admires Benjamin Netanyahu for his courageous efforts on behalf of his nation, Israel. She enjoys gardening, reading, and learning more ancient history in her spare time.

“Kitty”, we affectionately call her, is the one to ask regarding fish questions; she once traveled to Kentucky to pick one up for her personal tank! You can count on her to have biblical encouragement on a tough day. 


Cayla Waszczuk

Senior Manager, Registered Veterinary Technician  

Miss Cayla was one of the very first employees, joining ACA in 2010. Today she is our lead Technician and oversees all our patients admitted to the clinic while on duty.  She has a vast knowledge base of both large and companion animals and keeps the practice running smoothly and efficiently.

Cayla graduated from Crowder College as a licensed Veterinary Technician in 2008. She was employed at two area veterinary clinics before bringing her many skills and assets to our practice. Cayla resides with her husband and two beautiful daughters in her hometown, Fordland. She remains very close to her family and values her relationships with her brothers and sister.

Cayla is level-headed and works great under pressure. She has the right answer to any question you throw at her unless it involves picking favorites of anything! She is a positive spirit that sees the good in everyone. You can know that whatever she has to say, she has thought about it extensively beforehand and that it comes from the heart.

Cayla is honest, dependable, and cares so much about others; she adds a very unique and desirable dynamic to our team. Cayla enjoys horseback riding and reading in her off time when she's not chasing around the young babies!. Called “C.W.” around here, our practice wouldn’t be the success story it is today without Cayla, without her we wouldn't be complete!


Mary Scott   

Assistant Manager, Small Farm Animal Operations, Senior Receptionist  

Miss Mary joined Animal Clinic of Ava in 2012 and is from Macomb, Oklahoma. She has an Associate degree in Science where she studied agriculture education and veterinary technology. Her agriculture teacher was most influential to her as a young person, encouraging her to pursue her passions.

Mary had worked at a couple area clinics before hanging her hat with us, and served as an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America), teaching entrepreneurs methods of alternative agriculture. Mary and her husband live on a farm in Niangua with every animal imaginable; from goats, horses, pigs, cattle, llamas, donkeys, to duck, geese, and rabbits.

You can bet Penicillin is always stocked in her fridge! When not working hard on the farm or at the clinic, she enjoys yard work, fishing, and BBQs with friends and family back in Oklahoma. She always has a smile on her face!


Jacki-Lynn Trojan

Inventory Control Manager, Events Coordinator

Born in Aurora, Illinois, Jacki has lived so long in Ava that she proudly calls this place her hometown. She holds an Associate of the Arts degree, and a degree as a Health Care Administrator, but has applied her skills to many projects and outlets in this community for a while. Jacki is a horse trainer, breeder, and instructor and has a true passion for equine.

Although she has too many farm animals to count, her Missouri Fox Trotter, "Rooster," is her favorite of them all. Jacki owns over 15 horses of her own, in addition to five dogs, two cats, a bird, two fish, cows, chickens, geese, turkeys and mini horses all on her farm. Her days of cartwheels are in the past, and now her horses steal the show with their cool tricks like bowing, counting and giving kisses! Jacki is an avid gardener of herbs, fruits, and vegetables and can be found giving great advice about green thumbing in our clinic or at her fresh produce and eggs stand at our local town Farmer's Market.

Jacki loves her husband and any political issue on the economy and our American freedoms.

Meet Your Ava Team


Dr. Beth Kerns

Senior Veterinarian 

Dr. Beth is a Seymour native, returning to practice small animal, equine and ruminants right here near her hometown. She earned her Bachelor degree in Biology from Missouri State University, then went on to graduate from University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in Columbia, Missouri, in 2010.

The daughter of a military father, Dr. Beth was born in Fort Irwin, California.Although she has traveled much, Dr. Beth will always call Seymour her hometown. She now resides there with her husband and two young children, close to her mom and dad and their family farm. Their beautiful family has furry members as well; two dogs, two cats, 4 horses and a filly!

Dr. Beth enjoys her family time the most. Her loved ones are important to her, including her horses! Dr. Beth can be found horseback riding or training, gardening, or enjoying her animals when she's not busy working and chasing around the little ones! We hope Dr. Beth feels right at home here at ACA, we would like her to stay for a long, long time!


Chelsi Johnson

Senior Assistant 

Miss Chelsi is the animal advocate of our practice and has a genuine heart for all species. You can find her providing superior care and compassion for all our patients and attending to the needs of all the pets in our care.  She brings a very important element to our team and we wouldn't be complete without her! Chelsi has nine pets of her own at home, ranging from dogs and cats to guinea pigs, hamsters, and fish, and she loves them all equally! She is a rocker at heart who adores all the classic oldies.

Chelsi and her son enjoy the beach, camping, and swimming in the warm weather, and dressing up for Halloween! Her family is most important to her, and she is a hard-working gal who never slacks or complains; we are so grateful for her contributions to our team!


Abby Philips

Senior Assistant

Although Miss Abby was born in Hamlake, Minnesota, Seymour is where she calls her beloved hometown.  She, her husband and son currently live in Clever and we are blessed to have her at the clinic a couple days a week.  Abby has been a very valuable help to this practice since our very early days, and we are so thankful for her hard work and dedication. 

She has tons of animals like cows, goats, dogs, and her favorite of all, her horses! No cats at the Phillips' house, though! She has enough cattle vaccine in her fridge to work over 200 head of cows at any given time, she says they take up half her fridge space! 

She is always keeping busy with horseback riding, outdoor activities and hanging out with her family at the creek.  She loves her family, and admires her parents for homeschooling seven children and sacrificing so much to give their kids a great farm life. We love Abby and hope to have her as an integral part of our team forever!


Brittany Ingram 

Senior Assistant


Coming to Ava, Missouri, all the way from her hometown of New Richmond, Wisconsin, is our easy-going and friendly receptionist, Brittany.

She holds a CNA certification and a love of fishing and crafting.  She and her husband and children have two dogs and two cats to love, but Brittany adores her cat, Tom, the most! 

Her favorite time of the year is Thanksgiving because of the time of thankfulness, family, and food. Anyone who knows Brittany knows that her family is everything to her, and in her relaxing moments she favors fishing and bonfires with her loved ones.

She is amazing at juggling all kinds of responsibilities at the clinic, but when you find out she can literally juggle and rollerblade backward at the same time, you'll see why multitasking comes naturally to this gal! Brittany is confident that Trump will "Make America Great Again!"


Kirsten Watson

Senior Receptionist


Lorna Wine

Registered Veterinary Technician, Senior Assistant

Lorna is a Seymour native, who has worked in a veterinary practice since she was old enough to find a job! Lorna is a great assistant who can handle the challenging large animal assisting, as well as surgical and examination assisting, she is well versed in every aspect of her title. It's no wonder she decided to attend higher education to acquire her Veterinary Technician license, which keeps her pretty busy in studies and classes right now! Lorna affectionately admires her Nana as the most influential person in her life. The family is so important to her.

In her downtime, Lorna enjoys riding one of her horses on a back road on a sunny day, spending time with her loved ones and fur babies, camping, and anything outdoors. She has a knack for training mini horses to buggy among her many skills! This southern assistant always has wine, sweet tea, bbq and penicillin in her fridge - no wonder she makes a great employee at our rural practice!


Nicole Talley


Nicole is not just skilled, knowledgeable and efficient, she is our resident cupcake baker. Oh yes, we have one and we're not giving her up! Nicole's definition of happiness is her children. She has great kids and as much as we love them too, our definition of happiness is her cupcakes! One of her favorite places to be is at the lake with her kids, if she's not there you may find her curled up with a good book and a glass of wine. Nikki also has 2 cats and one dog in her family, she loves her cat Tilley best! As a previous member of the USAF, Nicole is a team member we can count on to be cool and steady under pressure and determined to perform any task with excellence.


Levi Hall

Veterinary Assistant



Isabella Schuster

Kennel Attendant

Denise Essary

Veterinary Assistant

Meet Your Forsyth Team


Raj Baath

Senior Veterinarian
Dr. Raj is the primary vet for our Forsyth location.  Always ready with a smile and warm greeting, we are glad he chose the Ozarks to call home.  Born in India, he enjoys nature, travel and if you want to get a game of Cricket going, he's your guy!  Dr. Raj credits his success to his parents and says all he is today is due to their support. We think it may also have to do with his hard work and easygoing nature!  Stop by the Forsyth clinic and let Dr. Raj know where your favorite hiking and nature trails are and meet a great vet!

Katie Swanson

Registered Veterinary Technician, Senior Assistant

Laci Sykes

Veterinary Assistant, Senior Receptionist
Laci is somewhat of an animal lover. She has 13 animals... 3 cats, 2 dogs, 5 snakes, 2 lizards, and one pig. 
Laci lives in Taneyville and enjoys camping, hiking, music and being outside in nature as much as possible. Her favorite holiday is Christmas and she loves to decorate for the occasion. 

Sydney Smith


Becky Beeler

Becky is an Iowa native, but moved to the Forsyth area when she was 17, shortly before graduating from Forsyth High School in 1990. She currently resides in Forsyth with her husband of four years, Kenny (pictured right), and enjoys spending her time off with her 6 kids and 8 grandchildren. She has one very spoiled canine, Max. Becky is also a master crafter! She sews, crochets, makes wreaths, and many other crafts. Prior to working as a receptionist at Animal Clinic of Forsyth, she was a 911 Operator for 12 years, which she found both stressful and rewarding. Becky joined the clinic family in March of this year. Her favorite part about working at the Animal Clinic of Forsyth is all the different animals that she gets to see and pet - minus the snakes. She also greatly enjoys her coworkers! Her favorite product that we carry is the flea and tick preventative. It breaks her heart when an animal is miserable and infested with fleas and ticks. We are so thankful to have her!